Torna a Training on Neutron Techniques Summer School


General lessons will be held each morning, while the afternoons will be mainly devoted to applicative seminars and tutorial activities with small groups of students.


  • Mathematical methods for scattering
  • Theory of neutron scattering
  • Neutron sources and instrumentation
  • Bayesian methods
D22 at the Institute Laue-Langevin.
Photo credit: L. Thion. Courtesy by ILL

Small-Angle Neutron Scattering

  • Fundamentals of SANS
  • Strategies of SANS data analysis
  • SANS and molecular dynamics simulations
  • Applications of SANS to Biology, Biophysics,
    Chemistry, Heritage Sciences, Material Sciences and Physics

Neutron Reflectometry

  • Fundamentals of NR
  • Strategies of NR data analysis
  • NR and magnetisms with polarized neutrons
  • Applications of NR to Biology, Biophysics,
    Chemistry, Magnetism and Polymer Science
Schematic of neutron reflectometry.
Image by B. Kirby from the NIST image gallery
Students at work.
Photo credit: Marco Zanatta


  • Small groups of students with tutors